Long-Term Care Insurance Denials

It’s the insurance we all think we should have, but hesitate to buy: long-term care insurance. But many people have purchased policies, often back when the premiums were affordable. Unfortunately, insurance companies have realized they were “too affordable,” and they cannot profitably pay benefits.

Deny! Or The Equivalent Thereof

To solve their problem, they cause you problems. They do what insurance companies always do when they fear for their profits. They raise their premiums, they deny claims and they create roadblocks that will discourage many policyholders from making claims. They know their customers may never have made a claim on any insurance policy, and they know they can confuse and bewilder policyholders, hoping they will give up making valid claims.

Making Difficult Claims Impossible

At Parr Price Law, PS, our attorney understands your frustration, and we can help. Denied long-term care insurance benefits claims are a growing problem. The insurance industry sold a lot of these policies in the past few decades. Now, as policyholders age and need these benefits, the insurance companies have begun to see their profit margins erode. To stem these losses, they attempt to bluster their way past claimants and make the claims process so tedious, difficult and onerous that policyholders will give up and abandon their claims.

We Can Help

If this has happened to you, you may not know where to look for help. Insurance companies recognized that if you need care, you may not be in the best position to fight with them over your coverage. If your spouse has gone into a nursing home or other care facility, you may be focused on their condition and, again, not able to devote the attention this problem deserves. Our lawyer understands how insurance companies operate and even has personal experience with this scenario. We can help resolve these disputes effectively because we are not distracted by emotions or intimidated by their complex forms or legal jargon.

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