What You Need To Know About Health Care Directives

A lot has changed in the medical and legal field since living wills were created in the 1960s. As the movement toward strengthening patients’ rights has evolved, so has this legal document.

Today, living wills are now known as “health care directives” in Washington state. Like its predecessor, this document can be used to establish a patient’s wishes for end-of-life care; however, the health care directive provides instructions that are much more detailed. What was once a one-page document now contains seven pages for many patients and more than 20 for patients with intricate, terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Completing a health care directive is a complex undertaking. It can be difficult for patients without a legal background to ensure their wishes are clearly expressed without qualified assistance.

Helping You Create A Health Care Directive That Clearly Expresses Your Wishes

In Olympia, our team at Parr Price Law, PS, has tirelessly advocated for our clients’ rights for over three decades. We have substantial experience designing health care directives for clients with serious medical conditions that require a comprehensive set of instructions.

When you retain us to draft or revise a directive, we will:

  • Explain the directive’s legal terminology in plain English
  • Identify medical treatments or intervention you may request or reject
  • Identify the possible outcomes of the decisions that you make
  • Help you communicate your wishes to your loved ones so they understand their responsibilities
  • Answer questions that you or your loved ones have about end-of-life legal issues

Creating an effective health care directive takes insight, compassion and deliberation. You can depend on our attorney to answer your questions truthfully and without judgment. With her assistance, you can be sure that your health care directive effectively communicates your goals for your end-of-life care when you are no longer able to do so.

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