When something has gone wrong, you want to make it right. When it goes very wrong, litigation is often your only option. Litigation is always a risk, which is why you want an experienced attorney who can advise and counsel you during the process. Our attorney at Parr Price Law, PS, has over 30 years of courtroom and mediation experience to provide you with counsel that is well-informed and knowledgeable about how litigation works.

When Litigation Is Necessary

When an estate plan is administered, problems may develop. From how assets are managed in a trust to the behavior of an executor, things may seem “not right,” but you may be uncertain about what you can do. That’s where we can help. We can look at your situation and provide you with a range of options.

30 Years Of Experience With Washington Estates

It is important to discuss these questions with an experienced attorney. Our attorney is familiar with all aspects of probate estates, trust administration and a wide variety of elder law issues. We have the perspective from that experience to evaluate whether there is something amiss with an estate administration, how a trust is being managed or whether a parent’s finances are being taken advantage of.

  • Are you frustrated because someone with a fiduciary duty to manage a trust or an estate is failing to follow the terms of the trust or violating the law?
  • Is an elder or disabled person you care about being taken advantage of by someone in a position of trust or upon whom they rely?
  • Have you or a loved one been denied payment for treatment or care ordered by a physician because an insurance company has denied benefits for it, even though it’s covered by the policy?

We Can Help

Our attorney has professional and personal experience with these issues. We know how difficult will contests and other similar situations can be, and we provide the knowledgeable guidance you need. We can analyze the situation and advise you if we see evidence of violations of fiduciary duty, problems with estate administration or elder abuse.

Contact Our Firm

You may be uncertain and reluctant to raise questions. If nothing is amiss, it is likely to be easily determined. If something is wrong, our lawyer can help. Call our Olympia office at 360-529-5523 or use our online contact form.