Photo of Professionals at Parr Price Law, PS

Client Testimonials

“Donna, I was just filing away some paperwork and noticed the words “experienced” “ethical” and “concerned” on the cover of the folder you gave me. And that you ARE. Our meeting went well and all parties agree that we need to put the past behind us and move forward although we all realize it may be difficult at first.”

— S.B. and D.B.

“Everyone at the office/firm made us feel welcomed and taken care of … all our meetings, they made us feel secure with their guidance.”

— P.A. and J.D.

“Donna, thank you again for going beyond attorney-client relationship and stepping in to advise us through these unfortunate land mines.”

— K.G.

“John — I have peace of mind now. I received so much more than I expected.”

— P.K.

“Your staff was so professional, but friendly. I felt so comfortable with all; no stress at all.”

— G.W.

“Thank you for helping us bring our wills up to date. We appreciate your gracious service and feel confident that our needs will be taken care of locally.”

— B.C. and B.C.

“I wouldn’t change a thing. You all make me feel more like family than a client.”

— K.S.

“My sister said, ‘Donna is an answered prayer.’ So, I think that pretty well sums up how she feels about this new relationship. I ditto that sentiment! Thank you so very much.”

— B.L.