Using The Law To Challenge Dementia Evictions

After your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, the unanticipated challenges that you face daily can be overwhelming. Although you may have made sound financial, health care and living arrangements for your loved one, one conflict or issue can undermine months of planning.

If you rely on others to tend to your loved one at an assisted living facility or other private institution, receiving notice of a dementia eviction jeopardizes these plans. In Washington, administrators at certain private facilities are not bound by stringent federal laws that protect elderly residents. They may legally evict residents for a variety of reasons, including the inability to care for residents who are too frail or combative.

You do not need to struggle with this devastating legal matter alone. At Parr Price Law, PS, we are here to help protect your loved one’s well-being and dignity.

By Your Side After An Eviction Notice

Nursing home administrators are required to give residents and their family members 30 days’ notice before an eviction, which is not ample time to secure housing that meets your loved one’s needs.

When you contact us, we will act promptly to challenge the eviction. Using the law, we will work to delay or overturn an eviction. We strive to protect our clients’ rights in dementia eviction cases by:

  • Consulting with primary care physicians to determine whether your loved one is able to remain in the facility or needs additional care
  • Negotiating with administrators to identify a solution that allows your loved one to remain on-site
  • Filing a complaint with the long-term care ombudsman to initiate an investigation into the facility’s eviction practices

If we are unable to secure a favorable solution without court involvement, we can advocate for your loved one in court. Our managing attorney, Donna Price, has successfully represented clients before judges and juries for over 30 years. She knows how to prepare for trial and build a strong case.

Throughout Olympia and the surrounding communities, lawyer Price has established a reputation for her tireless defense of elder law clients. Contact her to discuss your options.

Get A Strong Legal Ally In Your Corner

Time is not on your side when you receive an eviction notice. Please contact our firm to begin developing your defense today. You can easily reach us at 360-529-5523 or by completing our online form.