Identifying A Path Forward After An Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Diagnosis

The future may appear daunting after you or your elderly loved one receives an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. You may feel angry, unprepared or frustrated when you consider the challenges you’ll face in the years to come. As you prepare to confront this illness, you will need a compassionate and knowledgeable ally to help you identify a path forward.

At Parr Price Law, PS, we are here to give you the compassionate counsel you need during this difficult time. Our lawyer, Donna Price, has the legal skills to assist you with any complex elder law concern, including elder law planning for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. Having cared for parents suffering from cognitive decline, she is familiar with the struggles that caregivers face. Attorney Price draws on her personal and professional experience to protect her clients’ dignity, quality of life and financial well-being.

What You Need To Know About Alzheimer’s And Dementia Symptoms

It may be easy to miss Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms at first. But if you suspect that you or your loved one is suffering from a decline in cognitive ability, taking decisive action in the early stages can make a difference.

These symptoms may indicate that your loved one is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Memory loss about recent events or conversations
  • Change in personality or behavior
  • Inability to communicate well in writing or while speaking
  • A decline in decision-making abilities or ability to care for oneself

How We Can Help

We understand the feelings of devastation that accompany this life-changing diagnosis. Even if you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you can still retain control of your life and your legacy.

When you consult with us in Olympia, our lawyer will give you the time you need to share your story and your concerns. After listening to your account, she will recommend the best course of action for securing Medicare and Medicaid benefits and identify effective long-term care options that meet your needs.

We are qualified to draft and revise the estate planning documents you may need to protect your wishes and your loved one’s rights, including powers of attorney, health care directives, and last will and testament. If you are involved in a complex elder law litigation matter, such as a dementia eviction, our attorney is licensed to represent you in courts throughout Washington state.

Begin The Conversation Today

You do not have to face an uncertain future alone. Arrange your private consultation today to begin the conversation with a skilled elder law attorney. Please call 360-529-5523 or email our firm to schedule an appointment.