Securing Your Peace Of Mind With Special Needs Planning

As a parent of a child with a physical or developmental disability, it is likely that you rely heavily on your child’s government medical benefits to cover medical bills, therapy and other expenses. While you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that your child remains eligible for assistance today, have you made plans for the future?

There are legal tools that you can use to protect your child’s level of care after you are no longer able to look after your child. With careful planning, you can use your assets to enhance your child’s quality of life without losing these vital benefits. At Parr Price Law, PS, our attorney knows how to use estate planning instruments, such as special needs or supplemental trusts, to protect your child’s interests.

What Are The Benefits Of A Special Needs Trust?

Supplemental trusts can be used to hold funds for your child without affecting your child’s ability to receive assistance through Medicaid and other government benefits programs. When you establish this type of trust, you select a trustee to oversee the assets that you set aside for your child. To prevent trustees from misusing funds, they are required to file reports regularly with the court.

Creating a special needs or supplemental trust can secure your peace of mind that your child will have the necessary financial support he or she needs in the future.

How We Can Help You Plan For The Future

Donna Price, our principal lawyer, has a deep understanding of special needs trusts. As a seasoned elder law attorney, Donna Price has helped thousands of clients in Washington state develop long-term plans that address the legal, financial and physical concerns that accompany aging.

Ms. Price draws on this background when she works with parents of special needs children. When you retain our firm, our legal team will help you create a strategy for protecting your child’s welfare. You can depend on us to handle all matters related to your legal issue from drafting the appropriate documents to determining whether you need a guardian to updating your plan to adjust to unanticipated challenges.

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