What You Need To Know About Elder Law

Elder law is all about “what if?” Questions related to aging — “How do I find a care facility for my mom?” “What resources are available for my dad in the community?” “Should we transfer ownership of our house to our children?” — are all questions you may have to deal with at some point. No one can predict the future with precision, but planning is still important because situations involving incapacity or elderly parents often appear suddenly. They can cascade out of control if the basics have not been thought through and the necessary legal instruments put in place.

Honest And Compassionate

At Parr Price Law, PS, our attorney is just that. We will assess your situation and listen to you describe your goals. We will give you our honest assessment of those goals and whether they can be realized. If so, we will then work together to create a plan to achieve them. We know how difficult it can be to ask a parent to surrender their keys or suggest they move out of their home, where they may have raised you and where they have lived for decades. But we also know how stressful it can be when you are told by paramedics that a parent “will never return home again” or struggle to find a solution after a dementia eviction. Nothing can eliminate that stress, but having a clear plan in place can minimize it. We will explain your legal options and what may work for your circumstances.

There Is No One Solution

Here’s the hard part for all of this. There is no ‘best’ solution. Every option has benefits and risks. Our lawyer has the advantage of 30 years of experience, helping people in Washington work through legal solutions and processes. She is qualified to draft living wills and other legal documents that protect your loved one’s best interests. A practiced litigator, our attorney has also successfully represented our clients in court. We use that experience to help you fully understand what you can and cannot control whether your loved one is suffering from cognitive decline or other age-related issues. We will provide a straightforward assessment of the likely outcomes for your circumstances.

Contact Us

Our attorney can help you explore your options and assemble a plan to deal with the expected and the unexpected. Call our Olympia office at 360-529-5523 or use our online contact form.