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Parr Price Law, PS , in Olympia can personally attend to the detailed execution of the administration and settlement of a trust or probate estate--with or without a will. We will tirelessly advocate for you during probate litigation, TEDRA proceedings and any other court action or proceeding. We frequently and capably handle heir search issues, finding, distant relatives from all over the globe who may be in a position to benefit from an inheritance.

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Probate is defined as the administration of a deceased individual's estate. In our state, the probate process may not be needed if the value of a decedent's assets is under a statutory limit, which changes from time to time. This abbreviated process is not available if the decedent owned real estate.

The probate of a last will and testament, or the administration of an estate left without a last will and testament. Only assets which do not otherwise pass by operation of law, such as a named beneficiary or a joint tenant, are subject to probate. When a will is the probate instrument, the court approves the will and names a personal representative, whose job is to identify and value assets that are subject to probate, pay the creditors and the costs of administration such as the burial expense, filing fee, cost of publications, attorney fee and personal representative's fee, to create and maintain an accounting of the estate's assets and to distribute the net estate properly to the named heirs.

In the absence of a will, the estate left behind is called an "intestate" estate. The revised code of Washington (RCW) provides for a specific distribution of an intestate estate's assets. The court designates an administrator and assets are distributed according to a detailed statutory preference.

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