Estate Planning Legal Guidance That Ensures Your Washington Family's Future Financial Security

The assumption that estate planning is only for retirees could not be further from the truth.

This popular misconception causes many individuals, couples and families to postpone building an estate plan until it is almost too late.

At our Parr Price, PLLC, estate-planning law firm in Olympia, Washington, our knowledgeable estate and probate lawyers make estate planning a responsibility that you needn't delay or dread. Our holistic team approach to ensuring your family's future financial security is customized to your specific situation — tailored to address your loved ones' unique needs.

A skilled Parr Price, PLLC, attorney can assemble just the right combination of will, revocable or irrevocable trust, power of attorney, advance health care directive, or charitable giving initiative that explicitly reflects your goals. Our objective, meanwhile, is to craft a final product that can be considered your final gift to those you love most.

Get The Facts You Need About Wills, Trusts And Estates

Here is how detailed we can get in spelling out your wishes for your estate. We can include mention of cabins to be inherited by survivors, a pet trust that sees to the needs of a beloved domestic pet, and prepare for any contingency facing blended and nontraditional families.

It's this kind of thorough preparation that spares family members the stress, cost and time often expended in probate court when estate planning in general, or a last will and testament in particular, does not exist.

For estate planning that leaves nothing to chance, and that can withstand any future legal challenge, come to Parr Price, PLLC, to learn more during your initial consultation. Just call 360-529-5523 or reach out to our law offices by email message.