What can you do if you suspect your elderly parent is a target of abuse?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Estate Planning

Family members or professional caregivers can offer your elderly parent safety and companionship while you focus on raising your children. But, unfortunately, those you trust with your parent’s well-being may be a problem rather than a solution.

When you suspect elder abuse in Olympia, Washington, you can take these steps.

How might caregivers abuse the elderly?

According to the CDC, the elderly may face the following forms of abuse from caregivers:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Financial

Seniors may also suffer when their caregivers fail to support their basic needs.

What can you do when you suspect abuse by a caregiver?

It may be unsettling to imagine that the person you entrust with your parent’s care is not fulfilling that obligation. However, you can take these steps to curtail abusive behavior.

Stay in touch

Your parents may not want to burden you, but they will confide in you when you maintain a daily connection. Frequent and direct communication with your parent may also help you detect that something is off.

Recruit family members who can help

Family dynamics or financial entitlement may cause relatives serving as caregivers to abuse older adults. When you suspect a senior parent’s abuse by a relative, turn to other family members for help confronting the abuser.

File a report with the caregiver’s agency

Discontinue the services of a professional caregiver you suspect is taking advantage of your parent immediately. Be sure to file a report with the caregiver’s employer that creates a paper trail documenting your concerns.

Alert the authorities

Alerting the Olympia police department when you detect physical or financial abuse by a caregiver holds the abuser accountable and protects other seniors.

Knowing the signs of abuse by caregivers is essential for protecting the rights of your aging parents.