Will you require long-term care?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Estate Planning

Everyone ages. It is a fact of life that you cannot prevent. However, every person does not age the same.

It is difficult to know if you will need long-term care when you get older. According to the U.S. Department of Health, the needs of each person will vary greatly, but there is a 70% chance that people who are 65 or older right now will need long-term care.

Factors that impact care needs

It can help you to forecast your needs by looking at some things that may impact your future. Long-term care is something you will need if you have a serious health condition that impacts your ability or cognitive function. It can be tough to know if something like this is in your future, but it can help to look at your close relatives.

Consider the health of your parents and grandparents. If you have older siblings, they can often be a good indication of what your life may be like in the future. Think about your general health right now, as well. If you are much healthier than your parents were at your age, then you may not have the same health issues they do.

You want to think about your commitment to health and fitness, along with the type of health care you receive. If you are the type of person who stays up on your annual health checks, eats healthy and exercises regularly, then you may not have as many health issues as you age as other people.

Type of care

When you plan for long-term care, you also need to think about what you may need. Some people do fine with an in-home aide or nursing service. Others need to be in a facility with around the clock care.