Will Medicare pay for my long-term care?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Estate Planning

Washington residents are not immune to the effects of aging. Whether you need long-term care or a loved one does, paying for this necessary service becomes a top priority. Many seniors rely on Medicare to pay for their healthcare, but the federally funded insurance program does not generally cover long-term care.

The New York Times ran an article about the new long-term healthcare insurance offered by the state. While Medicare may not pay for your long-term care, the new state insurance provides an allowance of $100 per day. This new benefit rolls into effect in 2025 giving those thinking about end-of-life care an opportunity to consider this option.

Starting in 2022, a new payroll tax goes into effect to help cover the costs of the new insurance. If you are unable to afford long-term care and do not qualify for Medicaid, the new program can help you cover long-term care costs. In addition to nursing home fees, approved applicants can use the money towards home equipment and in-home meals. The insurance may also cover some necessary renovations to homes.

Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for the new program. You or your loved one must need assistance with three activities of daily living. This may mean the senior needs help to complete their dressing, bathing or toileting tasks.

Since Medicare does not cover the costs of the majority of long-term care facilities, it is an important step forward in helping families cover the financial burden of caring for an aging population. This information is intended only to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.