Will Contests and TEDRA Actions

A will contest in Washington is normally brought under our state's TEDRA statutes-the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act. The probate process can pit family members against each other and leave ownership of inherited assets and property uncertain.

If you are a surviving relative who is embroiled in a will dispute and fearful that your interests are being overlooked during the estate's administration, our dedicated probate team and lawyer can help.

The experienced legal team at Parr Price Law, PS, can aggressively advocate for heirs who feel their rights have been violated during a dispute over the validity of a last will and testament.

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We use deep knowledge of the statutes, including Washington's Vulnerable Adults Protection Act and the provisions of TEDRA, to determine the cause or causes of this kind of dispute, be it undue influence, incompetency, suspicious last-minute changes to a will, vague references in the writing of a will that complicate its interpretation, ulterior motives of a caregiver, and others.

Are you contesting the administration of a probate or trust estate in probate court in Thurston County or greater Seattle? Are you a distant, remote potential heir, such as a second or third cousin, who feels your right to be heard is being violated?

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