Will Contests And TEDRA Actions

A will contest in Washington is normally brought under our state's TEDRA statutes — the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act. The probate process can put family members against each other and leave ownership of inherited assets and property uncertain.

If you are a surviving relative who is embroiled in a will dispute and fearful that your interests are being overlooked during the estate's administration, our dedicated probate team and lawyer can help.

Do You Need To Contest A Will?

Our experienced attorney at Parr Price Law, PS, can aggressively represent the interests of heirs who feel something is not quite right with the probate administration process, from challenging the validity of a will to issues of misconduct by a personal representative or violations of fiduciary duty.

Our attorney has more than 30 years of experience working with estate plans and probate administration of estate and trusts. We use familiarity with the relevant statutes, including Washington's Vulnerable Adults Protection Act and the provisions of TEDRA, to examine the cause or causes of this kind of dispute.

Often, those causes appear as undue influence, questions of incompetency, suspicious last-minute changes to a will, or vague references in the text of a will that complicate its interpretation, ulterior motives of a caregiver and others.

We Can Help Out-Of-State Relatives

Are you contesting the administration of a probate or trust estate in probate court in Thurston County or greater Seattle? We can also provide representation for distant, remote potential heir, such as a second or third cousin, who live outside of Washington and are concerned that there may be irregularities with the administration of the estate or the will itself.

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