The Advocacy You Need To Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

We here at Parr Price are ready to help you with every phase of planning well and wisely for you and your loved ones' later years of life. But...

...there are often roadblocks and land mines that keep those careful arrangements from falling into place the way they should.

Are you experiencing frustration or hardship because someone empowered to manage a trust or an estate is failing to follow the terms, or even abide by the law?

Is an elder or disabled person you care about being taken advantage of by someone they rely on ?

Have you or a loved one been denied the level of care or assistance advised by a physician because an insurance company has denied benefits for it, even though it's covered by the policy?

We can help.

At Parr Price, PLLC in Olympia, our experienced litigation team will use their knowledge of the law and available resources to protect those well-laid estate plans and the loved ones who are so vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Our lawyers will move quickly to take proper legal action and set things right.

To speak with our skillful, knowledgeable litigator in an initial consultation, contact us at 360-529-5523. Our law office replies promptly to all email inquiries. We serve clients in Olympia and Greater Seattle in Washington state.